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Track Day! Grattan - AROC Detroit, May 21st (Michigan)

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Should be a great event. I've heard through the grapevine that Grattan is repaved and FRESH!

This is probably the least expensive way to get on the track in this part of the country this year, and with some great Alfas and great guys. I even bet one of the guys (cough, Scott!) might offer some instruction if first-timers show up.

General event info:

* A diversity of cars run in our events - not just the Alfa marquee
* We have over 30 years experience hosting safe and enjoyable track events.
* We offer open lapping sessions all day. This means an incredible amount of track time for all participants.
* We group participants according to driver experience and speed
* Registration limited to maximize track time
* Touring sessions of about 30 minutes allow new participants and passengers to enjoy the track at moderate speeds for an economical price.
* Competent, skilled, race-experienced instructors are available.
* Reasonable safety requirements

Scott Reynaert

Detroit AROC Track Event Chair

We invite you to participate in the 2011 Drogato Pista Summer Event on Saturday, May 21st at Grattan Raceway.

This is an open event for ALL CARS and ALL SAFE drivers. We intend this to be a fun, enjoyable, educational day at the track where you can drive at your car's potential, and improve your driving skills. In this non-competitive event, we will give the maximum track time possible, rain or shine. Cars will be grouped by performance potential and drivers' track experience. This is not a race.

Here is the registration form:
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