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Track Day, Willow Springs (SoCal), Monday June 13


Time Trial, Autocross and Lunchtime Parade Laps

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There will be a private party for Alfa Romeos out at Willow Springs Raceway in SoCal. It is part of the 8 day Alfa Romeo Owners Club (AROC) National Convention, Alfiesta Coronado 2022.

You don't have to attend the convention down in Coronado to do this Track Day, but you would be missing out on a fun Alfa vacation.
You do have to be a member of either AROC or ARA (Alfa Romeo Association from the SF Bay Area) or we can get you a special 1-Day AROC Membership deal when you register.
We have run groups for the first timer, experienced track junkies and even Alfa racers with trailered race cars. Time Trial and Autocross are at the track so you can easily do both as you move from one to the other all day.
Registration starts here, you are looking for Track Day. We will first check your membership or sell you the 1 day deal. While you are there you should at least look at what 8 days of Alfa fun looks like:

Alfiesta Coronado Home - Alfa Romeo Owners Club USA (


See you at the track,
Paul Blankenship, AROSC, AROCSD, AROCCC (really?, 3 chapters?)
Competition Chair Alfiesta Coronado 2022
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