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Toyo 330 165/80 r 15 ?

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Anyone tried these on their 60's Alfa with 15" wheels If so -how are they ?
I need some new tires on the stock Duetto - steel wheels and inner tube. Dont want to spend a fortune . Seems like the Vredesteins in this size are all gone for this year , but they do have them in size 155 sr 15 ,and I might just do that. Over here the most roads are twisty , narrow, fast and kind of made for small rear wheel drive cars. I find my self going faster and faster on old Coopers . I better get it done !
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I have 15" steel wheels on my 66 GTV and 15" magnesium wheels on my 67 Super. Running 165/80-15 on each, on purpose and happily. Mine are Federal, not one of the big names but they drive fine and are cheap. Since my tires age out before they wear out I don't see the point in spending big money for tires I won't use up.

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