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It’s time to get the Alfa’s out of hibernation and go on the first TN A.L.F.A. Inc. Drive of 2014.

Fantastic driving roads with beautiful scenery, nature at its finest with a stop at one of the best waterfalls in TN and we can’t forget free wine tasting and great food with friends. This will be a laid back and enjoy your Alfa, nature, and friends event that will please all that attend.

Details are as follow:
When: Saturday, May 24, 2014
What Time: 10:00 AM Central Time
Where: Monterey, TN Hardees’s parking lot. Exit 300 off I-40.

Please be on time as we are on a schedule for the winery and restaurant.

Shortly after leaving Hardees’s parking lot we will jump on Highway 84 which is one of the most beautiful and interesting roads we have ever been on. We will be winding our way down the plateau on Highway 84 for 17 miles where we will encounter plenty of curves, a canopy of trees above our heads and beautiful forests and farmlands sites to enjoy. We will arrive at Burgess Falls, our first destination around 11:00 am. Please note there is about a 10 minute walk from the parking lot to the falls and if you have problems with walking moderate inclines then there is a park to hang out at and
relax till the others get back.

From Burgess Falls we will then head over to Delmonaco Winery in Baxter, TN where we will enjoy free wine tasting at one of Tennessee’s nicest wineries. After we leave the winery, we will head to Cookeville for lunch. I believe we will be at Crawdaddy’s Grille which offers excellent food and an interesting menu.
If you are interested in joining us please RSVP to me by PM on the BB before the end of the day Sunday May 18. We have to give the restaurant a headcount on Monday. We hope you can come join us.
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