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I picked these double combo open end wrenches and a special tool at an estate sale...They appear to be never used. and very nice quality with a very nice chrome finish on the wrenches but completely foreign logos.. Korean? Japanese?

I think they are part of a tool kit for a vehicle or perhaps a piece of equipment
12/14 wrench
8/10 wrench
5.5 / 7 wrench

and a weird 12 mm double ended socket tool labeled BAILI..
Can anyone identify them?

Finger Bumper Gadget Communication Device Office equipment
Finger Peripheral Bumper Computer keyboard Material property
Netbook Finger Bumper Peripheral Office equipment
Hand Input device Space bar Peripheral Office equipment
Wood Font Rim Composite material Automotive exterior
Finger Tool Wood Bumper Automotive exterior
Plant Finger Material property Household hardware Tree
Wood Hand tool Tool Finger Automotive tire
Wood Tool Bumper Flooring Hand tool
Household hardware Finger Nickel Bicycle part Thumb
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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