Preparing to move and I need to let go of the hoard of Milano parts I’ve gathered.

Black Milano Platinum parts car. Rusty, damaged on the passenger rear, complete except for ABS pump.

Red Milano Gold Project car. Southern and western car until 2018, never around salt. Have Two interiors to choose from, neither currently installed. Engine currently out of the car, was running strong with ~175k on odometer. Mostly this is a decent shell for a project, but I could be persuaded to put it back into running order for the right price, or send you off with everything it needs to be assembled.

Silver Milano Platinum rough driver. less than 70k miles, but lived in MA and OH since new. Drives fine, tons of work over the last few years — engine out service, new rubber everything, new hoses, new shocks, new paint, new transaxle fluid, newly rebuilt rear calipers and new rotors, new suspension components all around, and so much more. But the sunroof will never work right, the interior is beat up despite lots of effort to restore, and it’s soft around the front passenger footwell (working on getting that repaired at a welding shop, but no luck yet)

Spare 2.5L motor — pulled from totaled rear-damage car in 2005. Sitting ever since ~100k miles, spins freely.

Spare doors - 4 in dark blue, one black passenger rear. front doors with mirrors. Have door cards in various states of repair for all of them. Glass intact. untested window regulators.

Spare trunk lid - 1 in dark blue, 1 in red. With badging and trim

Spare hood - dark blue. Paint is rough, metal in good shape

Spare wheels — lots of spare wheels, believe I have a complete set each of 14” and 15”

Spare front fenders - dark blue

Many more smaller parts are already at an online consignment seller, but I can retrieve them if needed — if there’s anything for a 2.5L Milano you need/want let me know!

Accepting offers on anything, mostly just want them all to go to a good home. Lost my garage a while back. Everything is in storage and needs to go before I move cross country. In a perfect world letting this go funds one really nice Milano, or letting most of it go pays for work to save one of my existing cars, but II’m realistic and assume most of these parts are going to be scrapped in the next few months. Just finding places to put all the stuff and owning multiple project tier cars has become an anchor dragging me down and I rarely remember why I enjoyed this hobby anymore (Still love to drive the one working car, but I’m averaging like 200 miles a year at a cost of $10-20 per mile and a significant portion of my mental energy)

Included a few photos. I’m rarely in Cincinnati where these are, but will try my best to take or add more if there’s interest.
Building Automotive tire Road surface Brickwork Brick
Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Grille Motor vehicle

Automotive tire Bumper Wood Automotive exterior Motor vehicle

Wheel Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Car

Hood Bumper Wood Office supplies Automotive exterior
Automotive tire Automotive design Road surface Wood Brickwork

Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood Automotive tire
Automotive tire Wood Gas Flooring Asphalt

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Hood

Automotive parking light Tire Car Wheel Vehicle