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My parts "collection" has taken over my garage workshop...Help me out! :D

99% of these parts come for an 85 Spider parts car that was apart when I bought it. (guilt disclaimer)

Unless noted, all parts are in very clean & good condition. If you have interest, please email me at [email protected]. I would prefer payment via Paypal. Thanks! Dickson

New black vinyl convertible top
Dark red boot cover
Inteuropa windshield washer bottle (grease stained)
2.0 upper & finned lower oil pan. Clean!
2.0 intake
2.0 stock airbox
top latches (2x) - straps broken
Tool kit - pouch, lug wrech, spanner
Jack retaining wing nut
Rearview mirror bracket (to windshield frame)
Hazard swithch
2x power window switches (faded)
2x black visors
wood steering wheel & center cap
2x headlight rings - chrome mild pitting
Steering column cover & ignition switch cover
Shifter & boot (no knob)
restored "Olio" cap
alternator bracket
green fan swith
2x pininfarina "crowned" emblems
3x Graduate emblems - 1x for spoiler, 2x script side
clear plastic fuse cover (in Italian)
under hood or trunk light assembly
intertia switch
heater/defrost lever assembly
1x Fiamm horn (L)
fuel vapor canister / lines / valves
front grill (repainted semi-flat black)
1x window crank
battery tray
gas cap
gas hose from filler neck to gas tank
Spider 2.0 & injection emblems
dipstick & tube assembly
exhaust manifold (cleaned & painted high temp black paint, studs good)
2.0 thermometer
steering column switch assembly (like new)
4x spider veloce script emblems
radiator overflow bottle
hood release lever, cable assembly.
oil vapor canister
rear shock absorber rubber caps (in trunk)
convertible side moulding & stainless trim
trunk carpet
2x Hella headlamps
Dark red veloce console side panels
Dark red veloce door panels, armrests, and vinyl trim pieces
CSIAM rear exhaust / muffler - very clean

Black vinyl AR script logo bra - holes for 2x small headlamps - for later Alfetta GTV?

Thanks - Dickson

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parts intrest

I am intrested in the tool kit if it will match my 88 Graduate also I am in need of the emergency brake mounting plate the the pull lever and ratchet attach to.The L Bracket the is spot welded to it for the ratchet broke off mine.
Let me know if you have these and cost.

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Dickson, I think I asked you before if you had a fuel gauge sending unit for an 84, I'm still looking for one and I'm also looking for a shift knob and leather shift boot for the same vehicle.Please PM me I need those parts.

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Rich - A picture of the dipstick assembly is in a previous post. See:
PM what you think is a fair price.

Mike - I do have a tool kit that is correct for your car. PM me what you think is a fair price.

Gian - Sorry, I don't have a sending unit. I do have an 84 shifter knob. That year they were a faux-woodgrain plastic. Mine, like most, has worn down to the white plastic. I'm painting it right now to bring it back to original appearance. Interested? PM me what you think is a fair price.

THANKS - Dickson

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Looks something like this ("B" - second one down).

There is another temperature switch that looks similar but has different function and thus setpoint. However that one probably has a higher setpoint. The thermo switch I need has a setpoint of about 95 degF decreasing (for "cold" starts). Therefore, unless it is hotter than 95 degF, the contacts should be closed and you will have continuity between the two switch terminals.



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By chance do you have a front spoiler? The one that lies beneath the bumper?
Also, what would you have to get out of your trunk carpet, and what Color and condition is it in? Thanks a lot!
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