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Originally Posted by gtv2000

Wow, Stu, my first thought is that you have found yourself some smoking stuff, er? BTW, you posted in the wrong thread...

Now, this is typically the kind of info I will believe if and only after I'm shown SOLID evidence. No period picture, nor Fusi's records leave space for such a theory.

If the car was found in 1962 with a 102 engine in it, it can't have been lying there for long before...

And you imply that there are 4 more C52s around. I know of some "restorers" and brokers who will be delighted.

I'm anxious...

Exactly what documentation do you want? I have a bunch of stuff!

Zat WILL NOT sell the car at any price; even if someone offered him 5 million dollars..and it needs total restoration and a proper C-52 motor! It also needs some body work, instruments, and some other stuff. The chassis, suspension, rear end and other items are there and original. It is the car with the "half dashboard" in some of the known photos, and probably the first or 2nd 2 liter C-52 with the "flying saucer" body.

Zat still has a TON of stuff, which he finally, after 40 years, he is getting to...including a Giulia TI super, his 164 station wagon, his tube chassis 164, a bunch of giuliettas and giulias, all his old race cars, his SSZ cars (including the FIA one with a Nissan Group C motor in it and 1100 horsepower in a 2000 pound car!!!).....and he has more 102 and 106 new old stock stuff on the shelf than the rest of the world combined...he WILL not sell any of the "extras" however, until he gets ALL of his more than 50 cars done!!!

All the 105 and newer stuff is being sold on e-bay.

Jay Nuxoll, Mr.cast iron two liter is first in line for anything, when/if Zat sells it, and I am second in line..


BTW, when Mark Guinther (Portello Works, which was in Chula Vista, Ca) bought a lot of stuff from Zat about 15 years ago, there were a number of restorable cars included, including a lightweight giulietta spider veloce, and a Sprint Speciale. These cars have disappeared, as has Mark, and Zat was never paid for them! Zat still has the titles, so if you have one of these cars, beware!!! Tom is sending me a full list of the cars he was never paid for and which he still has the titles on, along with the S/Ns. Mark DID pay Tom for the parts, and they eventually would up with Larry at APE...who scrapped all the unuseable crap...

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Mark Guinther has not disappeared, he is alive, well, and living in Chula Vista.
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