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Today I learned to have the patience of Ghandi

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I needed to take out the fuel pump out of my '91 164L. Time for a new hose deal. I got a new submersible hose from Jason at Alfissimo and went about taking out the pump. First of all, you need to be a contortionist to get back there. The pump came out in pieces. If only the hole in the tank were 1/4 inch bigger. It seems someone else was in there before since the clamps were not OEM. The hose broke apart in pieces. After putting the jigsaw puzzle back together I noticed the rubber piece under the assembly was MIA. Jason advised me to look around the tank and fish it out but I think the last guy that was in there just thew it out. Normally I would order a new one, but I need the car running within the next few days. I reconnected the battery, turned the key and voila! She lives again! Thanks to all you guys at the BB for all your advice. Happy days.
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Don't you love it when a plan comes together!
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