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to be available: new carpet set

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Due to a change of interior color plans, I will likely have a brand new, still in box cut pile carpet set in dark charcoal ( just a shade lighter than black) for a 2600 spider.

its a full interior set, all pieces cut to size and bound, ready to install. Includes fully detailed collar for the shift lever, pieces for the trans tunnel, back seat floors etc.

This was $ 600+ when purchased in March. It's very high quality nylon.

Before I make the leap to ordering a new set, I wanted to see if there was anyone interested in getting an excellent deal on this set.

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alfa 2600 spider kit

Can you tell me who the supplier is? and what type of material is the carpet made of?
carpet was supplied by Auto Carpet Professionals; material is nylon (as stated). This was their extra dense pile, not the "standard" stuff they've had on ebay etc...
Yes, I could be interested if it still ios available
Weren't all the carperts in these cars originally grey, regardless of upholstery color? Just curious.
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