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Hello all, I never thought I would be asking this simple question...but I am having some issues finding some new tires for my spider.
A few days ago I ran over a nail and the time for some new tires has come. I was planning to put a set on in January, but here we are LOL!

I currently have Sumitomo 195/60 R14 A/S on my car. Which are discontinued....
I thought ok, well ill look at Pirelli. But. No A/S 195/60's out there.

Ive seen a couple good reviews here on the BB for Falken tires, so far that is the only option I see readily available online.
My tire shop that I usually use only has a brand called "ironman" that fit my rims, it was a cheaper tire around $70 per tire. I have never heard of this brand and found nothing here on the BB about it.

Should I stick with 195 or should I move up to 205 or drop to 185?

Any and all recommendations would be helpful.
Greetings Aaron,

I just purchased and installed five Toyo Extensa A/S II 185/70R14 tires. Budget friendly and decent tread pattern. Paid a hair over $300 for five tires, and shipping was free (yes, fifth tire went on the spare). 😁
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