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After a lot of soul searching I finally came to a tire decision. At 30k and only because there was some uneven inside tire wear I purchased 4 225/45R-18 Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack SL . I can report I do not have to turn up the sound volume on Hy322 which although new is a somewhat rough textured roadway. It is much quieter by far than the original Pirellis and although I haven't pushed them they inspire confidence not to mention the 66 positive reviews. On another note the dealer quoted me $225 for an alignment I had it done locally for $85 to factory specs. It did feel strange to have the tech scan the barcode and have all the alignment data loaded into the machine automatically. On another unrelated note I ordered the following from MoPar parts online.
Authentic Mopar Engine Air Filter - 2.0L68301538AA
Authentic Mopar Cabin Air Filter68320112AA
Authentic Mopar Spark Plug - 2.0L68292346AA
Very competitive prices!
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