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Greetings fellow Alfisti!

It's been a rough 18 months for me as far as Alfa Romeos are concerned. It began with our beloved 66 Giulia being rear ended (with my wife at the wheel) on the final day of Alfa California 13, bringing a horrible end to an otherwise wonderful event. That car is still being repaired and I'm hoping to have her back some time in early 2015.

Two months later, my 1900C SS was returned to me, in worse condition than it was when I delivered it two years earlier to the inappropriately self-described "metal working master," Shin Yoshikawa. After taking almost enough money from me to purchase a new 4C, the car was returned to me with horribly repaired bodywork, Mig welds that were crude and thick, and covered in over 5 gallons of bondo. It was a devastating blow, and one from which I have not recovered. Unfortunately I have no legal recourse as Shin declared bankruptcy in 2013, in order to prevent a lawsuit from another disgruntled customer for whom he was building an aluminum bodied Toyota 2000GT. The man may make nice drawings of cars, but he has no ability left (if he ever had it) to repair real cars.

If only I could turn back the clock, if only I didn't live so far from Graz, I'd have sent my car to Bernhard where I know it would have been treated with the loving care that it deserved.

The disrespect I was paid by Mr. Yoshikawa was surpassed only by that which he showed by precious Alfa, made even worse by his claim to have worked for Zagato, that he cared about and loved Italian cars, especially Alfa Romeos, and that he would fix my car properly, while mocking others whose bodywork was hidden by bondo.

Here is an album of the car before, during, and after its "restoration" by Mr. Yoshikawa.

As I try to recover from this deeply disappointing, frustrating, and angering situation, I am looking for other Tipo IV (Touring bodied) 1900C SS owners in North America with a need for new front ends for their cars (any portion from the A-pillar forward). Additionally, I'm looking for bare metal or relatively unmolested cars from which I can get measurements or specific contours (I'm aware no two are alike, but among 1900s, the later Touring bodied cars are closer to homogenous than any others).

I am aware of only a couple other such cars in California but am hoping that if I cast a wider net, perhaps I'll find owners in other states, who may benefit from specific body panels being made available.

I have finally found craftsmen capable of, and up to the challenge of fixing my 1900 properly, but we still need to see a 1900 that is more authentic than my own. As far as I am aware, I'm the only Tipo IV Touring bodied 1900C SS owner in Northern California.

If you or anyone you know has a 1900 that is either available for viewing/measuring, or you have a car that also has front end damage, I'd love to speak with you.

-tj in los gatos
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