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Well, it happened. The owners of the AlfaBB have changed the look of our beloved BB. Keep in mind your faithful moderators did not institute this change and, in fact, were not consulted about it. We did get a few days notice that it was happening but we were not able to take it out for a test drive so we've been muddling along finding out how it works, too.

In this thread we will attempt to collect any and all ideas on how to do what it is we want to do. Please note - all submissions must be deemed useful, helpful and positive. This is a no whining zone! All whining threads will be closed with a link to the BB Admins for their input. They are the ones who need to hear about the problems and are the only ones who might be able to fix them. Complaining elsewhere will not get to the attention of the BB admins.

To get this started I've collected some of the info posted by the BB admins* here. If you have figured out how to do something useful or where the good stuff is located either post it here by replying or send a moderator a PM, oops, I mean a Conversation if you'd prefer to remain anonymous.

* note that some of us moderators have the title of 'Administrator'. This is not the same as a BB admin. We got the Administrator title so we could do a few of the tasks needed to help members

The first icon is for what’s NEW on the site. (New since your last visit.)

On the page of NEW posts there is a button called 'Filters'. Here you can choose what the NEW page will show you (then save that as your default).

Clicking the list icon next to “NEW” will bring you to the full forum listing.

You can also navigate by clicking the 3 vertical dots.

Clicking on your avatar will give you a drop-down menu for all things related to your account.

Now you can bookmark your favorite discussions! Bookmarks are a handy way to remember and easily find great content or stuff you want to read later.

We also wanted to make it easier for new users to understand the lingo of forums. We have cleaned up various language to more commonly recognized phrases including:
  • Following - Thread subscriptions, and Watched are now known as Following
  • Conversations – Private Messages or PMs are now conversations and can be accessed from the user avatar drop-down in the main navigation
  • Showcase – Showcase is designed for users to "showcase" items/projects through the use of uploaded images, text descriptions and custom content categories. It’s a way to visually and textually provide detailed information on the content you wish to share. The showcase would be similar to a catalog, whereas the gallery would be like a photo album. It can be accessed from the drop-down menu with the 3 dots.
You can use the "insert image" icon to upload an image to your post, you can also just drag and drop it to the text editor or even copy/paste it into there! There is an option to choose Thumbnail or Full image. (I suggest Full Image - makes it easier to see what you want to show us.

There's a new feature called "Dark Mode" - on the admin bar at the top of your screen, you will see three little dots in a vertical row to the right of your Avatar picture, click on them, they open up a drop box, at the bottom is a little crescent moon with Dark Mode next to it - click it & it will invert the colours on your screen - much easier on the eyes.

My Garage is now your Showcase, you can upload images and a full description of what you're showing off. The showcase is designed for users to "showcase" items/projects through the use of uploaded images, text descriptions and custom content categories. It’s a way to visually and textually provide detailed information on content you wish to share.
To edit a Showcase, click on your Avatar in top right-hand corner and select “My Showcase”

Setting Your Location
Click on your avatar, near the upper right-hand corner of the site. Select account settings from the drop-down menu.

On the account settings page, scroll down to location.

If you prefer to only display your state, simply type your state, and then click on it in the drop-down menu.

How To Search The Site
Near the top of the community, you will see a search bar.

How To Access Advanced Search
If you have already entered your search words in the search bar but want to narrow down your results or choose to search only certain forum selections, click on “Advanced Search”.

If you prefer to go directly to advanced search, you can access it under the 3 vertical dots at the top right-hand corner of the community.

Private Messages are now called Conversations. Click on your avatar (top right of the screen) for a link to conversations. You can 'Start a Conversation' by clicking on a members avatar in a thread. A small window opens (they have a special name for it that I cannot recall off hand...).

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OK, by using the 'NEW' icon or the list of sub forums you should be able to read threads that have already been started.

To reply to an existing thread use the text box below the message -or- click the 'Reply' button which will include that post as a quote in your reply.

Click the quotation marks icon to start a multi-quote reply. This option allows you to quote more than one post. After selecting which posts for your multi-quote reply click the "Insert Quotes" option below the text box. A new window will open allowing you to delete any posts you've decided you don't want to include. Finally, click the 'Insert Quotes' box and shazam - all selected quotes are dropped in ready for your words of wisdom to be added.

To start a new thread - oops, sorry - now called a Discussion, click the 'Start Discussion' button near the top right of the screen. This will be available if you have clicked the 'NEW' button -or- if you have navigated to a subforum. (You can't start a New Discussion if you are already looking at an existing thread, I mean Discussion.

If you started from the list of NEW discussions (see, I'm learning...) you'll be asked to choose where the new discussion is to be placed (which sub forum). If you click Start Discussion while viewing the list in a sub forum it assumes that is the section where you want to place it. You'll then be taken to the Post Thread window (hey - they just called it a thread!?!). Give your New Discussion a Title (or is it a thread after all?!?) then type in your message. Below the text box are your editing tools. The (tiny) icon fourth from the left is supposed to represent a photo. Click that to insert a photo that is on your computer. The second from the left icon is a 'link' (supposed to look like two section os chain). Use that to insert a link to photos hosted elsewhere. (Note that some picture hosting sites - for example Photo Bucket - prevent photos from showing up properly.) We like photos so be sure to use that ability whenever appropriate. At the bottom of the page are some options to consider. Preview lets you see what it'll look like when you post it. This is useful if you've added in-line photos to make sure it all is formatted the way you want. You can elect to receive an email notice when someone replies to your post. Or not. When it is all as you wish, click the Post Thread button (arrgh - there is again - it is a thread!).

Electrons will now fly through cyberspace and your New Discussion (or thread...) will appear on the BB for all to see. Note that if you discover an error, typo or need to add/delete something you only have ~ 24 hours to edit your post. Look at the top of your post and find the 'Edit' option. If it's not there, too much time has passed. At this point you can either reply to your own thread, err, discussion, and clarify something -or- you can contact a moderator to help (we can edit posts if you have a valid reason for doing so). Use the Conversation option (formerly known as a Private Message) to contact a moderator.

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The best thing I've just found which makes the new site similar to use, for me, as the old site is to change the filters on the "New" page. I now have it set to "Unread discussions" and "Followed content", and you can "Save as default". This is now very similar to clicking on the old "Subscribed" option. On the new site "Alerts" is the replacement for this but this new option is even better because now I get new and updated posts I'm following in one hit.

Already the new site is making sense for me now, just takes a little while to learn the changes.

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A little more about Conversations (formerly known as Private Messages).

Click on your mini avatar in the top right corner, an option window opens and one option is Conversations. Note that if you see a small red dot above your mini avatar that indicates you have a new message, err, conversation.

Another way to Start a Conversation is to click on the avatar of the person you wish to contact.

You delete a “PM” by selecting it, choosing Leave (top right of the message area), select an option (accept future replies to this message or not), and click Leave which takes it off your list, out of your in-box or whatever it’s called now.
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