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I have a 74 GTV with Spica and Marelli distributor. I restored the car about 15 years ago and have been enjoying her ever since. With the help of this site, i have kept my GTV as original as possible and have rebuilt or restored almost every part. Runs great even with a missing anti tamper stop screw on my spica. My question today is the Marelli distributor. When I view the timing marks at idle with a light, the marks tend to float. That is they are in view for say 5 seconds, tend to float away momentarily, then are back. Seems to be better off idle but still there. I went through the distributor a few times, no worn bushings, new points, cap, rotor, coil, condenser etc. The only thing I think is suspect are the advance weights. They work well but at rest there is no spring tension on them and tend to be loose. I have read some other posts in the past about this but not sure if this causes the timing float. I don't think it is affecting performance but not sure.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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