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timing chain

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Another question, since the purchace of my 91 spider I have been doing alot of reading, the alfa owners bible is great. My car has 93,000 miles and from what I can tell the timing Chain has never been replaced. I have every single maintinence record since the car was new. I am confused with the mention of changing the chain because in my infinity and my toyota the timing chain never has to be replaced. I had a mazda that had a rubber timing belt that had to be changed every 60,000 miles. But I have never seen a metal timing chain needing to be replaced.:confused:
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Over time the timing chain will stretch. Personally I have never seen one break, but I am sure they will. When you check the tension on the chain, it you think the tension has to pushed out more each time, it's probably time to purchase a new chain.

You can get the cheap italian one, but the german made chains seem to be much better and worth the money. Spruell in Atlanta stocks the german chain.

The change out is very easy. Remove cam cover and rotate engine until link is at the top and engine at TDC. Place a towel under the chain between the cam sprockets to keep you from dropping the links in the sump. De-tension the chain and lock into place. Remove links and use two pieces of wire or coat hanger to hold onto the chain. use old link and connect old chain to the new chain on the intake side. Feed the chain through until you get the new chain all the way in. Use new links, re-tension and your done.

Good luck.
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What about the lower chain?
You will have to remove the engine to change the lower chain, unless someone knows how to do it "in car". The only time I have ever changed the lower one is during a complete rebuild. At that time with over 100k miles and 25 years, we could not notice any stretch in the lower chain.

tip for when you change the chain, change the variator / tensioner at the same time, will save doing this later if it gets slack.
Thanks for the help.

I doubt your timing chain needs changing. I wasn't aware that Alfa has a PM schedule to change it. Where did you see that written about routine changing of the top chain? Checking the tension, yes, of course. During a rebuild it's probably a good idea as a matter of course.
I read about the timing chain in the alfa owners bible. Plus there is alot said about chainging the timing chians in alfa forums.

Are you sure you're not thinking of the regular change interval of the V6 timing belt?

The timing chains very rarely need attention other than tensioning. I agree with 74GTVEEE that if you are doing a rebuild it is probably worth it to change them out because the acess is there, but otherwise just keep them properly tensioned (not too tight!) and you'll be fine.
Sounds great to me.

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