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timing a rebuilt engine

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looking for some advice on setting up my engine, from scratch. My handbook shows my lower timing chain to be fitted when the marks on both chain cogs line up, my crank pully has no mark. In order to set the camshafts up do i set the crank so that piston number one is TDC? Engine is a 1750 twin cam.

thanks for any help and advice

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I don't recall marks on the lower timing chain gears (but it was quite a while ago I was in there). Anyway, for certain position #1 at TDC, camshaft marks aligned with mark on cam caps (make sure #1 lobes are facing away from each other) and the distributor rotor aimed at the location for the #1 spark plug wire.
Set #1 at top dead center. Your lower chains should have these marks line up withe the one on the smaller sprocket between the two on the larger sprocket. The mark on the smaller sprocket is directly across from the slot for the key.


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It should be noted that Alfa did away with the timing marks on the gears in later engines as they are not necessary.
Jim is right and I believe that the marks were omitted on Giulia engines onwards.
After I posted, and reread Eric's post. I wondered why the marks were needed in the first place. Everything times with the #1 cylinder at TDC. I guess I won't have to be that picky when I put these back in.
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