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Time to fix up my '88 Graduate, recommendations?

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After sitting for a decade while I raised my kids, it's time to spruce up my weekend car. It's in the shop now to just get it running after a decade off, but next comes changing the paint, re-doing the interior/upholstery, and taking care of details like missing signal covers, broken gas hatch cable, etc.

I'm in the Pasadena area, and would like to keep it relatively local. Anyone have recommendations for where I can get some of this work done? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Phingers! I’m in a similar situation.

I’m in Pasadena as well, the car has been sitting for a little over 10 years due to kids and money. Well, mainly money.

I emailed Dorian Valenzuela in Montebello, but he’s busy with other projects right now and said he’s give me names of other shops.

What shop did you take it to?
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