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tie rod ball joint removal?

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Am I missing something here? When I replaced the castor arm bushings recently I learned that the nuts at either end of the rod were to lock down the ball joint and fork. I removed all the other tie rods yesterday. Are all the nuts on all the ends of all the rods the locking mechanism? I can't seem to budge all but two of them. The nuts on either end of the long central tie rod won't budge. Is there a trick? Should I apply heat? I feel like the real nut is on my end of the wrench!
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Of the two tie rod ends on each tie rod, one is a left hand thread. So of the six total tie rod ends three are right hand and three are left hand.
AFA the tie rods on the center and outer links, one jamnut and end is left handed, the other right handed.

You are turning things the right way ain'tcha? :)

.dammit Jim......
We''ll see tomorrow. I think I am turning the right way. I am looking at the threads. Tonight a lot of Pinot Noir is called for.
I'd think penetrating oil would work better.

Oh, you mean for YOU.

A torch, elbow grease and some cuss word that are still floating around my garage got it done.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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