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Throttle Shaft Intake Leak - 45DCOE

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The rear carb on my race car has an air leak audible at idle that I would like to correct. The leak appears to be around the shaft itself. I pulled the retaining nut and washer off the shaft. The shaft ball bearing fits tightly in its' bore. The diagrams I have all show a "dust cover" of some kind outside the bearing. A spare carb has one. But the carb I'm using doesn't seem to have any room for anything outside of the bearing. My question I missing anything that would be designed to seal the shaft other than the bearing itself. I would assume that re-greasing the bearing might help? Am I missing something?

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The old 45 DCOE's have a leather washer/seal that is held in by a metal washer which in turn is held in by the throttle shaft nut. The new 45 DCOE's, I beleive don't have that leather seal. Wonder whether you may have mixed new and old parts on the one carb that is leaking.
Could be. Although this is the first time I've had the carbs apart at all. It never leaked before in the few years I've owned the car. Do you know if the leather seals are still available? If not, I assume I could make something easy enough?

The part # for the leather seal/dust cover is 41570.001 (used to be 5802) and it was part of the last set of rebuild kits I bought. I got mine from Overseas Auto in Vancouver, BC who usually have a good supply of Weber parts.

Assembly order is throttle shaft bearing/dust cover/spring/spring cup/washer or throttle lever/locktab/nut.

The only question in my mind to rule out if it leaks with a greased bearing and proper assembly is wether the shaft may be worn.
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