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So the car was fighting back today, again....
I broke a ball off the bell crank under the carbs. The ball socket was really loose and I had a spare of one of those in my spica travel kit so went ahead to change it. Turns out the socket was so worn that the little internal spring keeper wasn’t in its groove anymore, half in half out, not letting the ball out. Live and learn I guess.
Are these bell cranks common over other cars? Looks different than my old 1750 gtv one. Can just the ball be replaced somehow?
On the plus side I got my diff input pinion seal change, diff refilled and I don’t think I have any grease in my hair... I did discover I have to take the intake manifold off just to tighten up a couple of carb mount nuts...
ah well


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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