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Three Alfettas got to go.

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I have three Alfetta sedans that I must get rid of. If someone wants them and they want to give a little cash for all my troubles in dealing with these cars thats fine. If someone wants them and they DON'T want to pay a penny for them thats fine too. I'm tired of dealing with these cars so if someone wants to come get them great. If not to the graveyard they will go. They all have clean titles. They are mostly complete. One has a very straight body and a good engine that doesn't smoke. It's an automatic and has a supposed good spare trans. These cars originally belonged to Pat Braden. I have a few pics that I will send but I'm not going out to take any more pics. The cars are in three different locations. One at my house ( best one) and the rest within two blocks from me. There are a bunch of wheels and tires that go with them including six original Alfa phone dial Ronals as well as three 7 inch wide steel wheels and of course the Turbinas. Come and get them!
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I could probably give you something for them. Am I correct that only one is running and that for the others I would need my trailer? Are they rolling if not running?

None are running at this time. All are rollers. Here are some pics. This is probably best of the lot body wise. Only rust I can see is shown in pic. Very straight car.

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How complete are the other cars

Do the other cars have their engines, Spica, and transmission, ? Also what years?

77,78 and 79. The engines are in all the cars as well as the Spica system. Trans in one. Not sure about the other. All are rollers.

sorry to do this to you, but I cant get the storage space I needed for these, so hopefully someone else will pick them up. Good luck wish I could do it.

No problem. One is already gone. It now resides at Riverside Pick a Part. Hell, they even gave me 125 bucks for it. Thats more than any of the Alfa folks offered. LOL. Thanks anyway.
The Three Amicis (Alfettas)

They are now gone. Anyone needing parts for Alfetta sedan can find them in Pick A Part in Rubidioux, Ca. (near Riverside) May the Pizza gods rest their weary souls.
Thanks to all who at least showed interest but were unable to take them on for one reason or another.
That was quick! I reading this post correctly?....we only had one day to respond before the cars went to the crusher.
I'm sorry that I didn't see the post until today.

Do you still have the Ronal wheels or are they at pick a part too?

Actually, I have been trying to get rid of these cars for over a year. Posted on the Alfa digest and in various other places. Had all kinds of promises to come get them and no one shows. If you had any idea how many problems these things caused me you wouldn't be so quick to take a shot at me. Two of these cars were not on my property so maybe that will give you some idea of the problems. Yes the Ronals are at Pick a Part. If you hurry you can get them. Three on the car and one in the back seat.
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