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Thread color on seats

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Hi guys - now that the Berlina is running and has someone sitting on her seats the seat thread is dissolving right before my eyes. She is a 1972, white pair from factory and black vinyl seats.

What color should the thread be so I can get it redone properly?

Any tips on slowing down the deterioration of the vinyl?

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My 69 TI has black vinyl. The threads were originally black, but the sun has bleached them almost white. Pull the rear cushion and look at the threads underneath where the sun doesn't shine. On mine, the thread is still black there.
Any tricks to getting the rear seat/bench out?

Thanks Jim
On the TI, I grab under the front of the seat cushion and give a good upward yank. There are 2 vertical posts on the seat frame that drop into holes in the body.
Thanks Jim
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