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Thoughts? Opinions?

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I've been wanting to upgrade my original alternator and came across this. Is this a good deal? Has anyone dealt with the seller? Any adverse effects of an 80 amp unit compared to the original 65?
Feel free to chime in.

Alfa Romeo Spider Alternator High Output 80 Amp 81 89 Generator | eBay
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Has anyone dealt with the seller?
BNR Parts is one of those vendors that everyone loves to hate. I have both an alternator and starter from them in my '70 BMW and they work great.

Any adverse effects of an 80 amp unit compared to the original 65?
Lots written on the BB about this topic.

It's hard to discuss the pros and cons of installing a later alternator without knowing what is wrong with your existing electrical system or what year spider you have.
Why do you feel the need for more amperage? If the rest of the electrical system is up to par then you'll never use the additional amps in a stock set-up. If you have added some large electrical loads then you would possibly need the amperage. If the stock wiring is not up to par then that's what needs to be rectified (pun?).
Depends what you need it for.....I updated my old 240D from the stock 55amp to a 115amp, updated that part of the wiring harness as well. Running H4 replacements at a higher that stock wattage through relays, and have all the parts to blank off the vacuum pump and go electric (one of those many projects).

If the 55 hadn't died though, and I didn't have a stable of old saabs to pull parts from, I wouldn't have done the upgrade, the 55 was good enough for 30+ years.
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