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This week was a good week

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Howdy all,

Well this week was the best week i've had in a while, I managed to tripple my Alfa collection in 3 days :D:D. The 2 new purchases are a 1976 Alfetta autocross car (nick named the "Stealth Fighter" for reasons which will become obvious when I post some pics) and a 1986 GTV6 in silver.

The 'fetta is stripped out with just a race seat and harness for the driver and a nice aftermarket steering wheel. It's a bog standard 1800 up the front with a new clutch in the back aswell as a new driveline donut but the 2nd gear synchro is pretty much toast :(. Plus it has a cool side exhaust exiting just under the right rear door which sounds awesome :D

The GTV6 is on loan from a friend at the moment as I haven't paid for it yet but that hasn't stopped me driving it :rolleyes:. It's in pretty good condition with just a little bit of rust in the hatch where the GTV6 2.5 badge is and in the same place on the other side. It has Koni yellows all round, Pirelli P6000 tyres on all 4 corners and a pretty much brand new single plate clutch out of a 75. Inside is pretty standard plus the dash has only one small (5cm) crack in it :D. It just needs a good tidy up and some electical gremilns worked out (no dash lights atm). Also since this is the first iso linkage car I have driven could someome please tell me if it is normal for 1st gear vertical? i.e. the stick is straight up in 1st or 2nd and is at about 45 degrees for 5th and reverse. It's really annoying because downshifting from 5th, everytime I lift my foot to depress the clutch I knock it out of gear.

Pics to follow in the next few days.
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