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third brake light photos??

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I am relatively new to this forum...Having recently bought a European spec '91 Spider I quite fancied the look of the third brake light on the trunk that did not come with the Euro model.. I've managed to get my hands on one from ebay but does anyone out there have any photos on where the holes on the trunk should be for installing the third brakelight? Obviously two for the screw in knobs but what about the cabling?
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I'm at lunch right now, so pardon the brevity, but the lamp assembly is about 1/2" rearward of the edge of the trunk (sorry, boot!) lid, and centered across it. There are holes not only through the lid itself, but also the internal reinforcing member to gain access to the retainer studs. The wire leads look like they branch off the lighting section of the rear wiring harness (obviously a North American feature-- you'll have to tie into your brake light circuit back there). The leads are jacketed and feed from under the rear of the trunk up into the lid via an access hole.

I realize you like the appearance, and it could possibly benefit you one day in traffic, but I suggest if you drill the holes, then file the edges smooth and touch the bare metal up with a rust preventer such as Extend. Then once it cures, apply body color paint to prevent rust.
Thanks Alaloco...

One more question..does the leads run through the trunk reinforcing tunnel??
Yes they do. The wires exit from under the body, in back of the lid hinge, and run up through the reinforcing web across to the brake light assembly.

As long as you leave some slack for the operation of the boot lid, and secure the wiring so it doesn't foul the trunk hinge, it should be OK.

Glad to help you.
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