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After reading some of the posts here on changing the thermostat/cooling system hoses/temp sensors, I thought I'd share info on two tools I got from Harbor Freight that have made my work on these items a lot easier and the jobs go fairly quickly:

- 9 Pc. Wobble Bit Extension Set (Item#31203) for getting at the thermostat bolts under the timing belt cover.

- Multi-Use Transfer Pump (Item#61634) normally free with coupon. The hose from this pump nicely fits down into the coolant tank feed line far enough that you can siphon out the coolant below the thermostat and temp sensor level into an old coolant container in just a few minutes, without having to mess with any of the hoses or coolant leaking onto your floor.

Although not fan of the ChiComs, these tools are CMalfa tested and approved.
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