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Heard an exhaust leak, found a leak on #2 at the junction of the header flange the head. Took the header off and ordered a new upper manifold gasket from Centerline. These things are great! The header flange on #2 had warped over the years as seen below. This was the cause of the exhaust leak.
Warped exhaust flange

Jim Steck made these flanges and the header in 2006. Rather than straighten the individual flanges a new flange was laser cut and adapted to the header.
Single piece exhaust flange test fit

Single piece exhaust flange

The car sat for a month while this was going on. During the test fit of the flange, this was seen in #2.
Coolant in exhaust runner

That is coolant. How can there be coolant in the exhaust port and the car hasn't even run in 30 days?

After pressurizing the cooling system the smallest leak was seen coming from a crack in the #2 exhaust runner. Pulled the head and drove it to AutoComponenti for repair.

Jim found a crack in #3 exhaust port too as well as #2 and #3 combustion chamber near the valve seat. (Only one chamber and runner shown)
Crack in chamber near seat

Crack in exhaust runner

Jim suspects heat cycles over the years have caused this.

The cracks were cut out.
Cracks cut out

And then welded.
Cracks welded in the chamber and runner

New seats pressed in and machined...
Valve seats installed

and then the head was skimmed 0.010.
Skimmed head

In the end 4 new exhaust valves, seats and guides. One new intake valve and the intake seats were reground.

It is SO nice to have someone you can trust to get a job like this done correctly and cannot thank Jim enough!

Grazie Tante!

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Excellent discussion. Great photos. More BB member DIY engine builders need to see threads like this.

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Nice, but I'm amazed that you were able to drive it over with the head off ... clever ... :D


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More amazing work from Jim.

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Gordon said:
"Excellent discussion. Great photos. More BB member DIY
engine builders need to see threads like this."
The heading here is "There's your problem lady"

I've often thought that a lot of good information is missed by a large number of DIY guys because
there is (often) not enough information in the header to let the guys just scanning the topics to
learn something or give much needed input. This is even more critical for someone doing a search to get help on a problem. The thinking may be the use of these obscure headings will get more attention.
But I'm thinking that he guys with real knowledge will ignore these. (I'm not picking on some, I'm just saying.)

Here are just a few I came across : 105 series etc ... new ooze ... jmynix

Also, quite often a question is asked but there is no information as to what the engine, model, year, etc is. The OP would get more help if this is added to the submission.
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