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Dear Alfisti Friends,
Ending the year's activities for the Brasilian Alfa Romeo Club - Section Brasília - we had a spectacular meeting.
Present were:
1 - President Paulo Proenca (2300 Alfa Ti4 1985 - 2300 Ti Alpha Prototype 1987 - Alfa 2300A 1975 - 1750 GTV 1969)

2 - Roberto Nasser (# 1 Alpha 2300 - 2300 4x Alfa - Alfa GT 1967 - Giulietta Spider 1959 - FNM / JK 2000 Alfa 1961 - FNM / Alfa Romeo TIMB - FNM / Alfa Onça)

3 - Pedro Henrique Leão (Alfa 145 QV 1996)

4 - Gastão (Alfa Super 164 1995 - 2300 Alpha 1984)

5 - Juarez (Alfa GTV 2000 1971 - Alfa GTV 2000 Racecar)

6 - Fernando (Alfa Spider 2000 1972)

7 - Antonio Sergio and his son Victor (Alfa 156 TS)

8 - Erol Moreira with his children René and Adriana (Alfa 155 Elegante- Alfa 145 Elegant)

9 - Marcelo Ribeiro With Sp2 (Alfa Giulia GT Veloce 1967)

10 - Don Peterson (visitor - Roadster 2000 Alfa 1959)

11 - Casé (2300 Ti Alpha 1979 - Alfa Spider 1997 - Alfa 164 Super 1995)
Besides the guys that always attend the meetings of the club we had the visit of an american Alfista, Don Peterson from Carson City, Nevada. Don passed by Brazil rescuing his 1964 Mooney that he had left in Montevideo after a trip with his grandson to Uruguay last April.

I met him at, as did make several another friends too.

What makes this story interesting is what causes a person, who you know in the other side of the continent over the internet, without any long term mutual friend, decides to change his 10.000 km journey to come to know a group of crazy guys in a city in the interior of Brazil. This is one mysterious thing what unites the Alfa Romeo lovers around the world.
Oh yes, he has a gorgeous Alfa Rodster Touring 1959 with an engine 2,3 litre from the Brazilian Alfa Romeo! We are now investigating how this engine was taken to the U.S.. By serial number we will try to find out if this engine was one of the around 1000 car series that was sent to Europe or even made to brazilian market. Is there a brazilian Alfa 2300 in the U.S.? Don has considered importing one from the Brasil to US.

Another major point of the meeting was the presentation of the photos of the Rally 1000 Miles Argentinas, which were run by our friend Juarez with his GTV 2000, with co-driver Fernado, who also gave us the honor of presence. According to them an impressive experience. Juarez did bring the car still stamped and dirty with the gray mud of Bariloche - Aregntina. He made a thorough explanation of the photos and cars that participated including Giulia Sprint Speciale, Giulietta Sprint, Giulietta Spider, Spiders and Duettos, GTVs, Giulias, among many other spectacular cars from dozens of brands (Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, etc.). A dream to be realized for any enthusiast of vintage cars. Don, can I count on you to be my copilot on next year?
Here is the link to photos of a Mille Miglia Argentinas.
We still have no good news about the closure of the Classic Car Museum of Brasilia. Our friend Roberto Nasser still having problems with the lock held by government authorities.

In this link we have pictures of our meeting.
After I will send news of our national meeting in Caxambú in June 2013!
Merry Christmas to all Alfisti brothers,

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Case - Merry Christmas to you and to all the member of the Brasilian Alfa Romeo Club !!

I loved seeing the photos of the dinner and meet, and other photos as well from the other link. I especially love to the Alfetta's!!! ;-)

Thank you very much for putting those pics up there...

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