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The Ultimate Concours - 3 "zero" Mileages Alfas for sale

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Possibly the Ultimate Concours cars - 3 "zero" Mileages Alfas for sale.

they are new cars that have never been used or registered and have been bought from a dealership that closed in 1987.

They are also supplied with an amount of spares like filters etc.

Factory Fresh :D

Alfetta 1.6

Alfa 33 1.3

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Alfetta and the 33, sure!
Arna... ehhhh not so much...
Now, that is timewarp.

Problem is, are you really going to buy a 33 in that condition and drive it? No, and neither are you really going to be happy to just keep it and look at it. Its interesting, but i'd be surprised if the Arna and the 33 find buyers at the price. The Alfetta perhaps.
Timewarp for sure... I wish the Alfa Museum in Arese would buy them... that's really the best place for them. Not the kind of cars that collectors clamor over (at least not yet).
Wow! Actually, this is a primo investment...but it is a very long-term investment!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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