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Wake up early this morning (Passover Holyday) for taking the magnificent road from Jerusalem to Dead Sea "Eyen Gedi" Beach. (Going down form 700meter height to – 424meter within 20min and than driving near the coast for 40 minutes)

While I was in the garage removing the car cover and disconnected the battery tender I heard my young daughter calling, wait for me I am coming with you.

I am sorry I didn’t take camera with me because my plane was driving to the beach have coffee and coming back, so we have only two picture by the BlackBerry.

This is the first time I am taking the Alfetta to the Dead See, I notice big different behavior. The engine power increased dramatically going to 7000RPM without any hesitation; I had a lot of experience driving this road many times with modern car and with my junior gt that fitted with Weber, although there is improvement with the carburetors but it not dramatic as with the Spica.

So Spica love the Dead Sea. :)

The Beach

The Beach Parking lot


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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