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I've just been lucky enough to buy a 1966 Duetto (European import, obviously). The car started its life in Brescia, (northern) Italy, was exported to the UK in 1994, then to the US (California) in 2003. The car is white (AR008) and in very nice overall condition, with an older restoration, probably done in England. It has no visible rust issues at all, which makes me truly happy. The original rubber floor mats and coverings are under the carpets. Following are the first things I'll want to address...

-- I have the original steering wheel in the trunk, but I have a question about that. It's a black plastic two spoke wheel, which I thought was used only in the 1300 Duetto Junior. I'm probably going to want to find a three spoke 1967 Duetto wheel or a later wooden one.

-- Also, the car has Mille Miglia wheels, which I like, but one cap is missing. I hope someone here will help me with that (please?).

-- I will want to find an owners manual to keep in the glove box.

-- I will need to source some headlight fairings.

-- I need some correct badging for the car too.

-- The hood will need to be slighty adjusted forward on the driver's side (it's slightly askew).

So, may I introduce to you my new, old car?


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A real beauty. Love the color. I had those wheels many years ago and liked them very much. But I had a real problem finding a tire place that had the machinery to remove/replace tires because the center hole was too narrow. Had to be done by hand. Hope that's no longer the case. Good Luck and have fun!
That's a beauty!
The hood adjustment is not a big issue.
-- I will want to find an owners manual to keep in the glove box.
Nice ride Tigrrr!!! :cool:

May I recommend one of our If Alex does not have one in stock, he will gladly try to find one for you, and usually at reasonable cost.
Can't tell if it is just the lighting, but the car also seems to be riding a bit high above the wheels. I've only seen this on cars directly imported to the US in the past. Am I mistaken? Still, I'm very very jealous.
Thanks everybody. I will check with books4cars tomorrow. Regarding the ride height, it's possible it's a bit higher than usual because it has new springs at least in the rear. I only had a short time to look at the car today for the first time. The only "mechanical issue" I found was the choke cable is stiff to say the least, making cold start (with no choke) a bit difficult. I'll try to lubricate it or will probably have to just get a new cable. No big deal.

Does anyone have any knowledge about the steering wheel for this car? I have what I was told is the original wheel in the trunk, but it's a two spoke plastic wheel. I thought that was the Duetto Junior's steering wheel. Where can I find an original wheel? I'd happily take a 1750 Spider Veloce wheel too. I liked that wheel on my 1969 round tail. The wooden one installed now is probably from a sedan (berlina) because it seems thin to me. I will be selling that once I have found the right one for this car.

By the way, the car only shows 66,000 kilometers on the odometer. I like that.

Thanks a lot!
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Magnificent looking car! Congrats.
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