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Hi folks,

...i hear different opinions to my question, to get maybe even more, i ask here: :)

What ist the best way to drive a 1300 to keep the engine healthy?
Would you recommend to speed the engine up to the rpm limit from time to time?
If yes how often or how long? Where is the limit?
Or should one go easy at only lower revs?
Would you recommend longer distances (500 - 1000 km) at about 130 km/h?

Thanks for you opinions!


Richard Jemison
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Every engine has a "sweet spot" where it seems to be most efficient. At that point it will typically be more efficient as well.

Long runs over 4500 RPM are not reccomended. Street engines are not configured for over 7000 RPM refardless of engine size or stroke length.

Short burst to 7000 to shift isn`t an issue. Without modifying the block for direct oiling to #2 & #4 mainbearings you are pushing the limit.
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