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We have 3 GTV6 3L cars with the original oil activated detensioner. Never had a problem with it and very satisfied that this system assures high tension at start and lessens tension at rising oil pressure in order to reduce belt wear. The whole system is patented of the chief engineer at Alfa that time. One of our friends, absolutely convinced that the oil detensioner was sub standard, changed to the new mechanical tensioner system. This engine had stiffer valve springs from IAP. At start the belt jumped over and the piston was stopped by a valve. Quite shocked from this event he could luckily find that no harm was done. The belt was put right again and I think the tensioner was blocked so it could not let loose another time.

Fortunately our cars have not had any such problems with the old system. No problems with oil leak or jumping over teeth. So we see no reason to change to the new system at present time.
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