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Interesting discussion. From what I recall...:rolleyes:

The original hydraulics failed in part because of reduced tension as a result of sporadic oil pressure and/or the leaking seal allowing the belt to get soaked with oil (unnecessary lubrication where you don't need it).:eek:

Tom Zat's original solution was to plug the port, install a bracket with an adjusting bolt to mechanically tension the belt by pressing against the tensioner roller. This would be fine in a static environment but made no adjustments for thermal expansion (what the oil did in the original design).:confused:

The new tensioners have a unique metal spring that adjusts for heat expansion but are particular in how they are installed. The installation procedure may seem simple but the proper alignment of the adjusting marks is vital. Once properly adjusted, they seem to work fine. By design they are less robust than the hydraulic units as there is less involved in maintaining tension.

I purchased one 3 years ago for $70 and is still in the box (original AR).;) Difatta, IAP, Centerline may range between $115 - $130. Nuff said.

Good luck.
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