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The Flying Pizza Box

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ive heard of this flying pizza box being a very fast sud, can anybody shed anymore light on whats been done to it or pictures. i think its an australian racecar but not sure. sounds like an awesome car and i want to know more.

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can anybody help?
Hi Alfasprinter,
I suspect you might be referring to a Sud sports sedan based in Sydney, so named because the livery resembled a pizza delivery box. I will check to see if I have a photo of it here at work.
It has a 1.7 fi engine from a 33 in it, very wide wheels and not much else other than the body work. Alas, it is still out of action, having suffered some major mechanical damage at the 2006 Alfa club's Eastern Creek 6-hour relay, and the owner chose to spend some dollars on his other Alfa this year.
Hi again,
I have a lovely photo of the Flying Pizza Box in my file here, but it's part of a 4 image compilation and wayyyyy too big to upload.
However, you can see it at the following link: Alfa Romeo Owners Club Australia - NSW division and click on Photos in the left hand menu, then on 22/01 Invitational event by the Fiat Club. Hill Climb at Bathurst.
These 2 are now nearly 3 years old, but not a lot has changed. You could also contact the owner via email by going to the sponsor's web page - I'm sure he'd be happy to share.
Your a legend Gay333. Thats the car i was meaning, just as wild as i expected, i email the owner. i heard its supercharged to!

It certainly is supercharged. One very quick sud!
hows your race sprint going? must be pretty close to being on the track
I have been at it for a solid week and a half.
Motor/gearbox is in, rear axle in.
Front suspension, wiring, seat, harness and minor trim to go still.
Getting there, slowly.
Hopefully ready for the First AROCA NSW supersprint of the year.
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