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Bayonet sockets were bought from ebay, $6 for 6 of the single element style, another $6 for the double element style shipped on a slow boat from China. These sockets w/bases have leads so you need to drill holes through the PC boards. The double element sockets require that the base be the grounding surface while the singles have a wire lead for ground. Use a very large soldering iron, the ground planes will soak a lot of heat. Sand the surfaces to be soldered with 600 grit.

Two things: 1) The holes you need to drill for two sockets will go straight in between two traces on the circuit boards so drill small holes directly in between... pay attention! 2) These sockets do not bridge over the board at the base like the original. I put some electrical tape underneath the bases that where riveted down over areas of the PC that were not either the backside or the ground plane (ie. the "hot" traces).

Anyway, worked out great. I couldn't even remove the bulb from my old sockets and two were practically falling off the pc board. You could tape off sockets and spray with a conformal coating to mitigate corrosion when finished, or some I know have used clear enamel or lacquer bomb can.


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