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A very heartfelt thank you, to all for your invaluable help and knowledge,
that you shared with me, while restoring my 1968 Spider.
The many threads, and discussions, saved me many bad experiences I am sure. I gained a respect for these cars, and the owners, that I never had before.
My car was built as a presentable driver, not 100% correct, but capable of
getting an award at local shows.
I sold my car yesterday, to a gentleman that plans to take the car to the next
level. I was glad , that with your help, another "roundtail' got saved. Dave

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Hey Dave!

Killing some time looking at "0" reply posts and noticed yours.

While I had nothing to do with assisting in your situation, be assured your "thanks" was much appreciated by everyone here who contributed their knowledge and experience.

Like many other members, I'd be lost without this Forum and the many members who seem ever at the ready to share their wisdom.

Glad your round-tail is moving on to a new home!

Best wishes.
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