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I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped this amateur driver have such a great weekend. The list is long and I apologize if I miss anyone. Running a car classified I is very interesting. The car is as fast as most class E & F in the corners, but with a single solex, we kind of get left on the hills and straitaways. I hadn't been at BW since my intro at U of VARA four years ago and I spent most of Sat trying to find my way around. Mostly running around 2:52/3. Sat evening an instructor, who for reasons that will be obvous shortly shall remain unnamed, took the car around in 2:47/8. After spending time talking to Randy Harris, Paul Blankenship, MJ Kutkas and getting a great idea about gearing through turn 2 from David Khoe, I spent Sun test time running around 2:48/9. It all clicked during the time runs, The U of VARA, Brad Gray's Intro, Steve Hamiltons Performance Driving, Paul Blankenships constant harrasment and 15 minutes I spent last month in a car with John Morton. My last 3 laps were 2:42 (and change). Not a fast car, but I definitely put a dent in the floor pan.
Thanks to Fred Schueddedoff who found my "fun to drive" 65 Giulia Ti and built a suspension designed to keep me wheels side down no matter how squirrely I get.
Thanks to Santo Rimicci for helping make sure it would run.
Thanks to Bruce Colby for not charging too much for the "honest times" and everyone for thier support and encouragement.
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