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I have an 86 and 87 spider quadrofoglio. I recently pulled the 87 out of storage to change fluids and anything else that was in need of replacement. So, oil, oil filter. Full coolant flush and replacement. new air filter, cleaned the runner between the airbox and the manifold. Checked the plugs. Car ran fine, but old fuel, so drove until low. I elected to instal rebuilt calipers and flush the brake fluid.

The calipers took 2 weeks to arrive. In the interim, I left the car on jack stands in the front only. So the front was elevated and the rear low. When I finished the brakes, I bled the lines and decided to go for a spin. Nothing.. turned over fine, just no hint of catching. Puled a plug and the plugs was firing and DRY. I got in the car, closed the door and turned the key, could not hear the pump coming on at all in the pre start mode. I pulled all the relays, one at a time and swapped thin with the 86. Nothing from the 87 (not running) caused the 86 to not energize.

So.. would that mean the relay is fine and the pump is bad? What is the best way to proceed at this point? Check power at the pump? I don't even know which relay is the pump relay.. Thanks for your help!
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