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This came to me from a fellow alfisti. This is a topic of interest
among many of our members and friends so I am passing it along .

If you see fit to do so, please contact your Representatives and Senators and
ask them to support this bill.


Subject: House Bill to Eliminate Front License Plate
Having 3 sports cars, none with front plates, and getting 2 tickets for what I
consider a nuisance law, I am very much in suppport of HB 1068 to eliminate the
requirement of a front license plate.

Here is our chance to help eliminate the requirement of a front license plate on
our beloved sports cars. They look bad on our cars, they are not
aerodynamic (which uses more gasoline and hurts the environment), the front
plate may block air intake to the radiator(s) of some cars, which can cause
overheating, front plates cost the state of Texas in excess of $3 million
dollars a year as of 1994-1995 (1), they cost the counties additional tax
dollars in storage, etc. You get the idea. With our current state budget crisis,
now is the best time to influence our lawmakers to eliminate front license

If you agree, see the rest of the message below and let your state
representative know how you feel. Also, please pass this message along to other
car clubs, sponsors, businesses and anyone else that is like minded and would
like to support this change.

This grass roots support initiative was started by the Z Club of Texas (ZCOT), a
car club in the Dallas area for Datsun and Nissan Z cars. We're looking for
others to join us, from A to Z, in supporting HB 1068 (2) to eliminate the
requirement for a front license plate.
According to Jim Horn, a former Texas Rep, the company who lobbies against
eliminating the front plate is 3M, the manufacturer of the reflective coating on
the plates.

-----Original Message-----

Several members of ZCOT have expressed an interest in not having a front license
plate. If you agree with this idea, now is your chance to help make it law.

Rep Fred Brown of Bryan has started a bill, HB 1068, to do away with the
requirement for a front license plate in Texas.

Its going to be an uphill battle, but car groups like ours can help make it

A member of ZCOT (Jim Horn) has talked to the Transportation Committee Chairman
who assured him he would give the bill a fair hearing and make DPS
show the real law enforcement need.

We need all Texas ZCOT members to send letters, emails, phone calls, whatever,
to their reps/senators and get other car clubs and their members to do the same.
We especially need to work the Transportation Committee members. Bill
tracking/members/etc available at : Texas House of Representatives

We have seen opposition like Rep. Vicki Truitt and Senator Craig Estes, so if
they are in your voter district you should let them know you don't appreciate
their opposition. We need to be prepared to have some folks from around the
state go to Austin to testify when the bill is set for a committee hearing.
(1) Texas Comptroller Breaking the Mold, Require Only a Single License Plate on
Motor Vehicles (performance review of state government by the Comptroller made
192 recommendations to save the state $4.5 billion in 1994-95)

(2) HB 1068:
Texas Legislature Online - Text Search


82R7385 NAJ-D

By: Brown H.B. No. 1068

relating to the number of license plates to be issued for and
displayed on a motor vehicle.
SECTION 1. Subchapter A, Chapter 502, Transportation Code,
is amended by adding Section 502.010 to read as follows:
Notwithstanding anything in this code to the contrary, including
Section 502.180, the department shall issue only one license plate
for attachment at the rear of the vehicle for which the plate is
(b) Notwithstanding anything in this code to the contrary,
including Section 502.404(a), a person is entitled to operate on a
public highway a vehicle that displays only one license plate if the
plate is attached at the rear of the vehicle. A person may operate
on a public highway a vehicle that displays two license plates if
both plates were assigned by the department for the registration
period as a set of plates.
(c) In any provision of this code that relates to the
issuance or display of "license plates," "plates," or a "set of
plates," the term means only one license plate.
SECTION 2. The change in law made by this Act regarding the
issuance of license plates by the Texas Department of Motor
Vehicles applies only to the issuance of license plates by the
department for a registration period beginning on or after the
effective date of this Act. For a registration period that begins
before the effective date of this Act, the department shall issue
license plates as required by the law in effect immediately before
the effective date of this Act, and the former law is continued in
effect for that purpose.
SECTION 3. This Act takes effect September 1, 2011.

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Interesting. Fred Brown used to be the BMW dealer in Bryan. Mazda also. I traded in an Alfetta sedan there on a new 626 in 1983. (That sad story is elsewhere on the bb.)

Alabama does not have a front plate. I might bring a couple of Alfas back to Texas if they get rid of the front plate. Good luck, Texas gear heads!
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