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Temp gauge/Idiot Lite sender NLA??

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Coolant gauge reads nothing. Found the sender with 2 male outlets is not working.
Grounded the wire from the gauge and it went to max.
Centerline and IAP have none. Seems the sender is not a Bosch but something that was hand made by a retired Lithuanian gnome. He is out of business so the sender is NLA???
Am I the only Milano/GTV6 owner with this problem??
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The sending unit is made by Bosch; we can special order it for you (part number WT634). They are not a very common failure on the V/6 cars.
Mine's made by Jaeger. Still works fine. Good to know there's a source out there.
The correct sender for Milano coolant temp gauge and red over temp light is 60605959, which is the same same as for 94-95 24v 164 models.

I got a bunch of used ones. Two are Jaeger 313610 04 ones with one narrow terminal for overtemp light. Other two are newer version aftermarket ones which require small terminal end to be replaced for red light wire.

Difatta Bros used to have them in stock. (newer version).

Point of info these do not work on 91-93 Alfa 164.
Thanks for the info Steve. I'll see what C-Line digs up for me. They started looking for it yesterday.

A good solution for this "annoying gauge problem" was given by one of our club's Guest Driving Instructors, Milt Minter. When I asked him what he did about oil pressure, water temp, etc gauges that were glowing, he replied "Oh Hell. I just put tape over it".
Are you sure you have a good black wire grounding point to that stud or bolt in mid housing between the gauge sendor and the Bosch Fuel injection sender. You need good black wire ground for temp gauge and red temp light to work correctly.
Ground is OK.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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