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Tech Session Announcement

Tech Sessions

We will hold three Tech Sessions of about an hour each at the hotel on Saturday afternoon. These sessions will cover topics that we hope will be of interest to even our most technically-minded attendees. The sessions will run consecutively so there will be no need to choose between them . We have a commitment from noted Alfa engine tuner Jim Kartalamakis to be the presenter at one of the sessions. The other presenters will come from the ranks of our local professional and amateur Alfa gurus.

If there are any questions about our Tech Sessions, please contact [email protected]

Tech Session 1 – Do It Yourself Electronic Fuel Injection Conversions
Tech Session 1 will be presented by George Beston and Dave Munro​

George Beston has been an Alfa Romeo enthusiast for a bit more than 40 years now. He is a long time member of ARCC and AROC. Over the years, he has held many positions within the ARCC executive. He is currently Editor of the ARCC Update newsletter, ARCC Treasurer and Alfa Canadese Treasurer. George has accumulated a lot of hands-on mechanical experience in maintaining his Alfetta and in restoring his Spider Junior, and has written many technical articles on his endeavours.

Dave Munro is a relative newcomer to Alfa Romeos only having owned his 69 Spider Junior since 2003. He is currently the Toronto club's Vice President, Librarian, Sunday drive organizer,Club web master and a crazed gear head. You may have seen him on the alfabb where he goes by 69alfa.

George and Dave will start the session with a quick overview of how Electronic Fuel Injection functions. Then they’ll dive into how to convert your Alfa from carburetors to EFI. They will pass on all the tips and tricks they have learned doing this conversion themselves on their own cars.

Tech Session 2 – Alfa Engine Swaps
V6 Twin Turbo engine in a 115 Spider and V8 Montreal Engine in an Alfetta GT
Tech Session 2 will be presented by presented by Joe Cannella​

Joe Cannella has been involved with Alfa Romeos for almost 30 yrs. He grew up working in the family business, Hamilton Auto Service, and on weekends helping his father, Benito, with his Formula Ford. After completing school, Joe took on full-time duties at the shop. This involved, among other things, maintaining and tuning Alfas with a special interest in machining and engine rebuilding. This later evolved into building Alfa race engines as well as specialty fabrication for various one-off Alfa projects. Joe is currently a technical and science teacher at Nelson High School in Burlington, Ontario and is a member of the Vintage Auto Racing Association of Canada where he campaigns a 1968 GT Junior and prepares and maintains various road and race Alfas for local Alfisti.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to put a V6 engine in your Spider? Or, the dream of any true Alfa gear head, a Montreal V8 in an Alfetta GT? Joe will lead us through the amazing work he has done to accomplish both of these dream conversions.

Tech Session 3 – Alfa Romeo High Preformance
Tech Session 3 will be presented by Jim Kartalamakis​

Jim will lead us through the engine development work that can be found in his two books . The Alfa Romeo DOHC Engine High Performance Manual and The Alfa Romeo V6 Engine High Performance Manual .Then Jim will let us in on what he has been working on since his books were published .And what he sees in the future for our beloved Alfa motors.

Jim Kartalamakis was born in Salonica, Greece. He came to Toronto to study electrical engineering at the University of Toronto and at 23 bought his first Alfa, which was where it all started. Thirty-five years later, Jim still fondly remembers the life and times of the Alfa Romeo Club of Canada. He returned to Greece in 1979 to work in the country’s Aerospace Industry. Since then he has owned only one make of car – Alfa Romeo – from a 1750 GTV through an Alfetta GTV to a 75 3.0. Currently he owns another 75 3.0 and two 1.8 Turbos.

For many years Jim was a technical writer for several car magazines, and the official Alfa Romeo technical manual translator in Greece. Since 2008, he has been increasingly involved with upgrading the 1.8 Turbo and the 24v engines currently found in his cars – and this project is still his favorite one. And, as expected, all engine and chassis improvements are frequently and thoroughly tested during the Alfaclub track days!

811 Posts
The above is from our convention web site Alfa Canadese - 2012 ARCC/AROC Convention

You can post questions or comments here or email me at [email protected]

We are working on a forth Tech Session, if it works out, we will have two sessions on the Friday and two on the Saturday .

I am very excited about the line up it will be very informative and great fun !

Also note Jim told me he will be happy to sign your copy or copies of his two books .

See you here in June .
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