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This is where we will be discussing Tech Sessions. please note that the schedule is being finalized and registration has not yet opened. Convention information is being updated and posted on our website Home

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Tech Corner sponsored by Ingram Enterprises, Vintage Customs, and H&W Racing

Tech Session 1
"Alfa Rust: A practical assessment. When is it terminal."Presented by: Glenn Gaudin
Friday, July 15th, 4PM-5:30PM

Glenn Gaudin, known to many of us as Heavy Metal Alfa, will take attendees on a cross sectional journey of discovery looking for that four letter dirty word...RUST! Glenn knows more than just Rock-n-Roll, he is an avid Alfa enthusiast, body man, and restorer. Nothing makes Glenn sing the blues more that RUST! And being from Maine, Glenn has seen some of the worst rust in the nation! Plan on joining us for this informative, excellent tech session on discovering hidden rust, repairing it correctly, and understanding when it's time to pull the plug.

Tech Session 2
"Comparing the Nord and Twin Spark Engines"
Presented by: Jim Steck
Friday, July 15th, 5:30PM-7PM

Did you see a yellow blur fly past? It was probably famed engine builder Jim Steck, one of the men behind "Bonnie" the fastest Alfa Spider in the world. Jim will give attendees all the ins and outs in comparing the classic Nord 4 cylinder engine to the later twin spark engine. Whether or not you are considering this popular conversion, don't pass up this opportunity to pick the brain of one of the most extreme Alfa engine builders in the world.

Tech Sessions 3 & 4
"New Developments on Spica Systems"
Presented by: Herb Sanborn
"Alfa 4C Race Engines"
Presented by: Wes Ingram
"Custom Chassis Construction and Development"
Presented by: Daron Walker
Saturday, July 16th, 3:30PM-5PM, 5PM-6:30PM

A West Coast extravaganza comes to mind for sessions 3 and 4. Herb, Wes and Daron are on tap for attendees' quest for knowledge. H&W Racing and Ingram Enterprises' Herb Sanborn leads the session with the latest developments on our beloved Spica injection systems. Next, Wes Ingram dives into Alfa 4 cylinder performance and race engines. Then Daron Walker of Vintage Customs will spin his magic on custom chassis construction and development. What a great opportunity to learn from the best in their fields. While there are two sessions listed on the schedule, this is actually one super session with an intermission. Plan on attending both sessions. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!
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