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Team Dynamics Drawings needed

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Im goofing around with front suspension designs for the Milano and wanted to get cross sectional drawings for Team Dyanamics Pro Race 1 15.x7.5 wheel. Email to Rimstock got no response at all. Guess Im to far down on the food chain. Anyone on the board have drawings for those wheels?

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Give Mic a call at Group 2 Motorsports. (206-378-0900) We are a Team Dynamics Distributor, and stock wheels for the 105/115 cars, as well as the Milano - GTV-6. We can get the info for you, no problem!:)

I run the Pro Rally Team Dynamics 15" wheel on my Milano, and love the way it looks!
I use the motorsport 15" anthracite on my Verde and 16" polished silver Monza R on my GTV6. For Pro Race 1 I have this photo for you, hope this helps.



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