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Tail And Brake Lights

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What size or number are the bulbs? I have the wattage, but it doen't help in ordering the equivalent LEDs.

Has anyone installed LED bulbs?
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Mine 65 Spider Veloce has, top to bottom;
I can't vouch for their correctness or suitability for your car, but that's what is in mine. I didn't know they made LED equivalents. If you find them, give me a holler.

Thanks--might be at J C Whitney.

Do you have the number of the bulbs for the front parking lights?

Might just as well do both ends.:)


Napa cross refernced them to the old standard 1156 and 1157 bulbs. I don't know what their LED equivalent would be, but keep in mind that turn signal flashers are thermally operated and depend on the draw of the incandescent bulbs to trigger their operation. LED's do NOT draw enough to make them operate. You cannot do a straight swap out to LED's without installing a special flasher unit. Also, LED's will never be as bright as an incandescent bulb. Better to be seen than to be cool!!
Point well taken for the flashers, but LEDs never as bright? My experience is limited to battery operated flashlights and bicycle lights and flashers, which are much brighter than any incandescent light I have ever had. What is the difference?
Jim Enloe
56 spider
61 & 62 sprints

Thanks for the info, but I was hoping for much brighter tail and parking lights.:(
Terry's right. Some are, some are not. It depends a great deal on the reflector and lens. If both are made for LED bulbs, (some newer cars & trucks) they are bright. However a buld swap generally does not work as well. I tried it in my old 97 Chrysler T&C van center stop light. Then went back to incandecents.
Gordon Raymond
LED's not very bright

Good write up on the use of LED's is at - Important Car Bulb Information. It confirms that they just aren't bright enough in automotive applications yet.
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