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from the car disk -
this is a list of "all" the oem bars. have no idea what some of these chassis numbers refer to. the 989mm L bars are for alfetta and early gtv6. 931 are for late gtv6 & Milano/75.
From car disc shop manual:
these P/N are for the right hand (blue) bar, there is a matching left hand (yellow) P/N :
11610.21.506.00 18.4mm L = 989mm
11655.21.506.00 19.5mm L = 989mm
11636.21.506.00 21.1mm L = 989mm
16200.21.X16.00* 21.8mm L = 931mm
11642.21.506.00 22.1mm L =989mm
11913.21.506.00 22.6mm L= 1108mm!!!!????
16218.21.X16.00* 22.8mm L= 931mm
11659.21.506.00 23.4mm L= 989mm
* for cars with 3 piece welded sheet plate crossmembers??? late GTV6 &/or Milano (75) length looks good.

116 Alfetta, Giulietta & GTV6
119 Alfa 6
162 Alfa 90, 75, & SZ (ES30) - which did not use torsion bars!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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