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Sway bar mounts wanted

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Does anybody have a set of front sway bar mounts for the early suds? These had a 21mm front bar. The mounts are different in shape to the later 18mm bars - so I can't use the later mounts or bushes.

I really want to fit a 21mm front bar to my series 3 for road use, so I can then get a larger rear bar. Problem is, I have the 21mm front bar, but only one mount! I can buy the bushes from pedders, no problem, but does anyone have the mounts and bolts? Willing to pay!

I've included some pictures. You can see the shape is quite angular - different to the later type, which are more rounded. (later type not pictured)


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I will have a look around on Monday for you not sure what we have lying around.

Still looking for these, can anyone help?

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