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Swapping Gauges

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I've been looking to change the gauges on my USA '95 164 LS since we use Metric in Canada. I purchased a used Euro Cluster but it wouldn't work because the wiring is different so the only way is to change the gauges themselves. Here are some pictures of what I found out.

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I have just done this job on the 1995 Q4 and it was a pain! My car had white face gauges in it when I bought it so I had to remove the hands off the gauge faces itself. I got some US gauges from Jason and switched them but they did not work. I had to take the gauge its self apart. Now all my gauges read in US standard but the odometer is still metric.


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I wonder what controls the odometer reading miles vs kms? It would be good if we could swap parts for that Lenard.
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