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I have a quick question regarding a recent replacement of my ignition pickup (1981 Spider Veloce restoration)...which had dual pulsers. I was provided one by IAP with a single pulser (assumed the advanced) and did not come with the retarded pulser.

I was told (by IAP who say this is the only pickup config that they have and have sold in the last 15 years) I could bypass the relay and connect directly to the electronic module and found a thread regarding the same. This is fine, but what do I do with the lead from the vacuum switch? Does this even come into play any more when directly connecting to the electronic module?

Currently the car idles at about 500 RPM but when I open the throttle it hits about 1000 RPM and then bogs out. I can sometimes get it to jump to 3-4K RPMs and stay there, but if I reduce the throttle and get it down to below 3K it drops down again to idling.

I'm at a loss here and I'm hoping anyone can provide some advice or assistance on this.

Thanks in advance
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